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Jurassic crossy road: Hopper

开发 Mox Mind Game Studio

★★★ Jurassic crossy road: Hopper ★★★Do you like dinosaurs and other animals? And do you like Minecraft crafting? If you answered yes, do not hesitate to download this epic Minecraft jurassic world! What awaits you in here? You can meet many kinds of dinosaurs like allosaurus, brachirosaurus, tyranosaurus rex and many others. But be on the lookout! Many of these dinos are flesh eaters and you are a typical food for them.
Except of the dinosaurs, you can meet here other animals. Very dangerous are for example big spiders, which you can see in the forest. During the exploration of the free world you definitely encounter also gorillas, which are relatively friendly. Above the river, you can see huge but very beautiful butterflies.¨
★ Amazing unique world★ Great models of animals and dinosaurs★ Survival game★ Minecraft jungle★ Big river in the middle of the jungle★ Typical jungle plants and trees★ T-Rex!
★★★ How To Play ★★★
* Travel through the jungle* Build your own house* Avoid the flesheating dinos* Discover beauties of the jungle* Try to survive* Be careful about the spiders